Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Concrete Resurfacing or Clear and Coloured Sealing? We have the answers below:

Concrete Resurfacing

What is Spray On Concrete Resurfacing?

It is a cementicious coating that is designed to achieve a strong and durable textured finish applied to existing concrete surfaces transforming the surface into a new coloured, patterned surface. Therefore eliminating the need and cost of removing and replacement of existing concrete.

How thick is product applied?

In most cases three coats are applied. 1 base coat and 2 top coats, therefore approximately 5mm thick over existing concrete.

Is the resurfacing a paint product?

No. We use a cement based product which is more than 2 times stronger than the average concrete. We use only the best products available on the market and this is reflected in the finish product.

Can spray on concrete resurfacing be applied over Pebblecrete or damaged concrete?

Yes. We undertake special surface preparations so Pebblecrete, Decorative and damaged concrete is not an issue.

Is the finish product slippery?

No. The finished surface has a textured finish to maximise slip resistance.

How long after new concrete is poured can the resurfacing be applied?

Minimum 14 days.

Do the grout lines have to be grey?

No. The grout lines can be any colour from our colour chart.

Does it take long to complete the resurfacing process?

Depending on the size and repairs required to existing concrete, but generally 2 to 3 days.

Is sealing required?

As part of our service Central Coast Spray On applies two coats of clear sealer when completing, to protect from stains, oils, grease, chemicals, dirt etc. that may ruin the appearance and make it difficult to clean.

What if I only have a small area?

Small jobs are no problem. However sometimes a minimum fee may be charged.

Clear and Coloured Sealing

What is the difference between coloured sealing and clear sealing?

Clear sealing is simply a clear protective coat applied over decorative concrete, Colour sealing is a coloured coating which changes the colour of existing concrete.

I have old Stencil Concrete which is losing it colour, what can I do?

There are 3 options;

  1. Clear seal if concrete allows
  2. Colour seal over the stencil, leaving the original stencil pattern, but changing the colour to all one colour. (this is the most cost effective)
  3. Spray a new pattern over existing concrete complete with different coloured grout lines and pattern. (this option gives your existing concrete the new look and “Wow” factor)

My existing concrete requires re-sealing, Do Central Coast Spray On do re-sealing?

Yes. We are more than happy to reseal your concrete, contact to make arrangements.

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